by Cold

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released January 9, 2019


all rights reserved



Cold Osnabrück, Germany

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Track Name: The Evil Moon
The Evil Moon

there are some dark clouds looking down on us
the ground is melting and we're breathing fast
nothing to dream about
this hole's to deep to climb out
it starts to rain and we are done with us
no second view, no lies, we know the facts
and when you disappear I shout

when will I see you again
the desperation kicks in
the ground is melting and i see
a hand is slowly floating down the street
but I can not reach
and I can not reach

the evil moon is smiling, watching us
the clouds keep spitting deadly rain on us

the evil moon is smiling
he threw a rope - so quiet
and when I finally got there
you started to cut it off

I never saw you again
the evil moon
the evil moon in your hand
now he is shining for you
just like a moth you fly in
and get a smile just like him
the ground is melting
Track Name: Ashes

golden ashes, silver lights
everything we got is lost
every trip goes miles and miles
and skies are steaming into dust
travel far to different places
to get the answers of our sins
there is more than working harder
for a life that lasts along
and now we got this so far
and now we're screaming louder
and now there's more to fight for
to get a voice that is heard out there
you better start believing in everything you are
feels like a resistance to start a newborn life
Track Name: Bloodlust (Cancerslug Cover)

you've got such a beautiful face
you know I'd love to smash it in
and when you reach to me with those lovely, little hands
that's when the horror begins

oh lovely dark, blackness in my heart
can't stop the bloodlust once that motherfucker starts

you've got such a beautiful smile
after I cut you ear to ear
and when you look to me and beg for sweet release
"give me more" is all that I hear

oh, lovely dark, blackness in my heart
can't stop the bloodlust once that motherfucker starts

you can see your death in my eyes
but it's all right now
I'm just a beast in disguise
but it's all right now

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